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  • 2016 Invisible hand

    2016 Invisible hand

    Invisible Hand Ryder RichardsBeefhaus, Dallas [link]September 24- October 7, 2016 In economics, the invisible hand is a metaphor used by Adam Smith (1776) to describe unintended social benefits resulting from individual actions. The gallery has character and I intend to remove it. ~ Ryder Invisible Hand will usher the gallery into an international white-cube aesthetic,…

  • 2016 Lookout

    2016 Lookout

    Swine Gallery, Chattanooga, TN November 4- 5, 2016

  • 2016 Objectives

    2016 Objectives

    Hudson Showroom, ARTPACE, San Antonio September 22-December 31, 2016

  • 2015 The Idyll

    2015 The Idyll

    Jan. 23- Feb. 28, 2015 Cecily Horton Gallery, Lawndale, Houston, Texas March 5- April 2, 2015 Carillon Gallery, Tarrant College-South, Fort Worth, Texas

  • 2015 a thing of this world

    2015 a thing of this world

    a thing of this world Public Address, Brooklyn, NY [link]August 1- 14, 2015 a thing of this world, Ryder Richards’ installation has evolved from researching civil power conflicts, primarily focusing on the relationship between police and citizens. Influenced by power/knowledge theory, the work uses the aesthetics of conflict while considering academic knowledge as a distancing…