Ryder Richards


Ryder is a North Dallas artistwritercurator, former educator, and current podcaster who has sunk into DIY and Labor themes.

Primarily concerned with bias in labor, institutional power, and invisibility, his work takes the form of installations, high-modernist art, and highly rendered drawings. Ryder has exhibited internationally and attended one dozen artist-in-residence programs.

Let’s THiNK About It

"let us think about it" podcast with ryder richards

Every month, sometimes more often, Ryder releases a podcast on a book, or topic he finds compelling. Typically, they focus on sociology, human behavior, and philosophy tangled together.

Belly Button Lint

belly button lint

A daily wad of Naval Gazing brought to you in a short format that seems like wisdom but is really just Ryder clearing my headspace.

The Will to DIY

A series of short essays (a monograph) on the practice of “do it yourself” as a sociological rebelliousness still contained within capitalism. It harnesses a spirit that deviates from the normalized universal in a cyclic process beginning with the machinic craftsman, moving through the passionate self, and embodying political agency through craft and skill informing disposition.

the will to diy book, the spirit of revolution, ryder richards