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  • Press: Fun with a Sex Machine

    Press: Fun with a Sex Machine

    Fun with a Sex Machine by Christina Rees, on May 16, 2017 [“link”] The Art Of Sexperimentation: An Exploration Of Sexual Creativity in the Pursuit of Climax  

  • Interview ~ Locate Arts

    Interview ~ Locate Arts

    LOCATE ARTS: CONNECTOR INTERVIEW with Ryder Richards Locate Arts: What experiences compelled you to pursue contemporary art in your work and life? Ryder Richards: I wish I could point at one moment, but it is more like an addiction that gradually invades every corner of your life. At one point a few drawings were enough, but…

  • Press ~ “Objectives” @ Artpace

    Press ~ “Objectives” @ Artpace

    Texas Artists Elevate Ordinary Materials into High-concept Works by Marco Aquino || San Antonio Current October 05, 2016 at 6:00 AM After selecting the current trio of female artists for Artpace’s fall 2016 International Artist-in-Residence program, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) curator Denise Markonish once again lends a curatorial hand in this fall’s Hudson…

  • Review ~ Ryder Richards at Beefhaus

    Review ~ Ryder Richards at Beefhaus

    Ryder Richards at Beefhaus, Dallas by Colette Copeland, 21 Oct 2016 [link] Ryder Richards’ most recent performance work Invisible Hand took place at Beefhaus Gallery in Dallas for a couple of weeks recently, in the run up to the fall season. The show examined the politics of labor (very specifically from the point of view…