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Art Talk delivered at West Texas A&M


Ryder Richards talks about his small art exhibition based on Salvador Dali’s (1969) illustrations of “Alice in Wonderland.” Considering them un-Dali, he asks DALL-E to draw inspiration from John Tenniel, the original illustrator, and re-invent them as a Dali-esque blend.

Ryder used ChatGPT, NotebookLM, and Claude to rewrite “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” extending the process into more than illustration, using Dali’s surreal symbology as Freudian dream analysis to replace the original setting and characters. The resultant illustrations offer a re-envisioned tale. During the talk, Richards shares his struggles with the image generation process.

Panhandle-Plains Museum in Canyon, TX is exhibiting the Dali illustrations.
Art talk delivered at West Texas A&M, Canyon, Texas on March 25, 2024