Ryder Richards is a Dallas based artist, writer, and curator participating in several collaborative projects. For more detailed information on his practice with images, reviews, interviews, and events visit The Archive
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Developing several bodies of thematically research based work Ryder's subject matter is often derived from his interest in cultural violence, conspiracy, utopia, and gallery aesthetics or institutional critique.

Shield: Defensive Force 1 Shield: Predation 2 Shield: Intractable Conflict 2 Shielded Fuck:ConcreteAction [2015] Shielded Fuck:Current [2015] Shielded Fuck: Leveljock [2015] Shielded Fuck: Powerball [2015] Shielded Fuck: Stick [2015] Shielded Fuck: Glory, Super [2015] The Idyll [Houston] The Idyll [FortWorth] The Idyll [FortWorth] Subjective Machines [SouthEast] Subjective Machines [East] The Idyll, Houston Body Politic, Lubbock Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville Olm Space, Switzerland Olm Space, Switzerland Culture Lab Dallas Biennial 2014 Dallas Biennial 2014 velvet, plaster [2014] plaster, wood, graphite 2014, pigment on paper, 15"x15" Flow, Collin College 2013 BLUEorange, Houston 2013-14 plaster, paper, graphite 2013 graphite, pigment, paper 15x26,2013 pedestal, wire, light 2013 pedestal, acrylic,animated gif 2013 gunpowder, pigment 30"x22" 2013 gunpowder, pigment_ 22x15 wood, acrylic_ 64"x36"x42" wood, acrylic, ebonized cherry 2013 gold leaf, pigment on paper_ 30x22 gunpowder, pigment _ 30x22 Roswell Museum, 2013 wood, acrylic, graphite 2013 Anderson Museum Collection, 2013 Roswell Museum Collection, 2013 pigment on paper_22x15 ENMU, Portales 2012 ENMU, Portales 2012 Eastfield College 2012 wood, plastic, gunpowder 2012