Work/Play: Caution Work/Play: On-Ramp Work/Play: BallCourt and Strapped Work/Play: Sod & Folly Shield: defense_ kevlar hoodie Shield: Burn [2015] a thing of this world [2015] Shield: Monument Shielded Fuck:Pinned Shield: Defensive Force 1 Shield: Predation 2 Shield: Utility _graphite on paper Shield: Intractable Conflict 2 Chekhov Shielded Fuck:ConcreteAction [2015] Shielded Fuck:Current [2015] Shielded Fuck: Leveljock [2015] Shielded Fuck: Leveljock [2015] Shielded Fuck: Powerball [2015] Shielded Fuck: Stick [2015] Shielded Fuck: Glory, Super [2015] The Idyll [Houston] The Idyll [FortWorth] The Idyll [FortWorth] Subjective Machines [SouthEast] Subjective Machines [East] The Idyll, Houston Body Politic, Lubbock Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville Ground Floor Gallery, Nashville Stance of Contemplation 2015 Olm Space, Switzerland 2014 Olm Space, Switzerland Culture Lab Dallas Biennial 2014 Dallas Biennial 2014 velvet, plaster [2014] plaster, wood, graphite 2014, pigment on paper, 15"x15" Flow, Collin College 2013 BLUEorange, Houston 2013-14 plaster, paper, graphite 2013 graphite, pigment, paper 15x26,2013 pedestal, wire, light 2013 pedestal, acrylic,animated gif 2013 gunpowder, pigment 30"x22" 2013 gunpowder, pigment_ 22x15 wood, acrylic_ 64"x36"x42" wood, acrylic, ebonized cherry 2013 gold leaf, pigment on paper_ 30x22 gunpowder, pigment _ 30x22 Roswell Museum, 2013 wood, acrylic, graphite 2013 Anderson Museum Collection, 2013 Roswell Museum Collection, 2013 pigment on paper_22x15 ENMU, Portales 2012 ENMU, Portales 2012 Eastfield College 2012 wood, plastic, gunpowder 2012